The Roo Crew story

Folklore meets reality.

For Centuries Roo Crew lived on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. Although first discovered in the 1980s, their identity was only an urban legend until recently. This special group of Roos have been living in isolation on an undisclosed island in the Pacific Ocean. It appears the legends were more fact than fiction.

These are not your ordinary “beach bum” kangaroos.

Roo Crew has also evolved well beyond petty squabbles. ALthough all the Roos are great boxers, most focus on other sports. In fact, they enjoy so many different sports that they started their own Roo Crew Olympics. After decades of training and perfecting their skills, Roo Crew is bringing their talents to the mainland.

How to Adopt a Roo

5,000 Roos left

5,000 Roos - 0.05 ETH

Adopt A Roo!

Immediate Reveal

Royalties from secondary sales are capped at 5%


All members of the Roo Crew team are publicly known – this is not an anon project. Roo Crew will remain community focused. That is why the collection is smaller (5,000) and cheaper (.05 ETH) than many other NFT projects. It is also why we are giving a large percentage of profits to charity (10+ ETH) and a community wallet (20+ ETH).

In addition to the charitable donations and the community wallet, we offer many exciting features that add value to the Roo Crew Community, including:

  • An interactive fighting game (this is our top priority for phase 2/3 of the roadmap).
  • Exclusive auctions/giveaways of the artist’s 1/1 artwork from the past 20 years.
  • Personal plots of land owned by Roo Crew in Sandbox (e.g., private lodging in Roo Olympic Village).
  • Free Roos with customized jerseys and/or other requested traits.
  • Free joeys for holders.
  • Older/grown up versions of those Joeys based on how long they are owned.
  • Personalized portraits/artwork of community members on the HOF wall.
  • Personalized animations and short films with cameos of Roos and even members of the Roo Crew community.
  • Grants/Scholarships + Twitter/Discord support for community members to launch their own NFT project.
  • Free DFS tournaments with prizes for Roo holders (We already started this for the NFL on DraftKings).
  • Free poker tournaments with prizes for Roo holders (Poker professional Chris Moneymaker played in the most recent one).
  • Raffles for Roo holders :
    • 101-600- winner receives .5 eth
    • 0-1000 - winner receives a Fatales NFT
    • 1001-2000 - winner receives a Star Sailor Sibling NFT
    • 2001-3000 - winner receives a Visitor NFT
    • 3001-4000 - winner receives an Art Block Factory NFT
    • 4001-5000 - winner receives a Bloot NFT
    • 0-5000 - winner receives a Lazy Lion NFT


The artist has painstakingly designed multiple detailed poses, traits, and backgrounds. There are 100s of different backgrounds, facial expressions, hand gestures, furs, eyes, mouths, ears, tails, pouches, clothes, hair, hats, jewelry, and other accessories.

To prevent nearly identical Roos, the Roos are limited to 5,000 and divided into five different sports - Boxing, Football (American), Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball. In addition to the 100s of different possible traits, each sport has its own unique traits and custom backgrounds. Therefore, no two Roos will be alike.

There will also be ultra rare Roos for each sport, similar to a 1/1 sports card. Sorry, there is no sneak preview on these - you will need to wait until after the drop to see them.

Community Wallet

Roo Crew is and will remain community focused. This is one of reasons the team decided to distribute a large percentage of profits to a community wallet.

The community wallet address will be shared on the website. Because it is publicly viewable, all NFTs and currencies stored in the wallet can be viewed by anyone at any time. This entire process will be transparent.

Roo owners will provide input and vote on proposals for the community wallet.

Possible proposals for the community wallet include:

  • Digital real estate in the metaverse, such as Sandbox
  • Purchase floor Roos on secondary market
  • Purchase other NFTs (minting and secondary market)
  • Create a liquidity pool
  • Reward Roo holders with tokens/coins (the wallet should never go below initial value)


We will donate 5% of all net revenue (profits) regardless of how many Roos are adopted.

We would love to sponsor members for volunteer opportunities with the Goeco charity. TLDR: we sponsor someone to go to the sanctuary and volunteer for one to four weeks. They can take a bunch of pictures and give us updates, which we will post to Twitter, Discord, and the website to bring more awareness to animals in need of help.


  • Charity receives 5% of profits
  • Free weekly DFS tournaments with prizes on DraftKings
  • Free poker tournaments with prizes
  • Free customized NFTs for Roo holders
  • Free Custom Jerseys for random Roo holders
  • Community wallet receives 5% of profits
  • More customized NFTs for Roo holders
  • ETH giveaways for Roo holders based on specific traits
  • More custom jersey airdrops for random Roos.
  • Exclusive auctions/giveaways of the artist's 1/1 artwork from the past 20 years
  • Charity receives 5% of all profits
  • Community wallet receives 10% all profits
  • More exclusive auctions/giveaways of the artist’s 1/1 artwork
  • Raffles for NFTs and ETH to Roo holders
  • Grants/Scholarships + Twitter/Discord support for selected Roo Crew community members to launch their own NFT project
  • More free Joeys and customized NFTs for Roo holders
  • Roo holders receive land plots on Sandbox set up like Olympic Village
  • The team will start creating an interactive fighting game like Street Fighter

Future Plans

The most important point to convey is we are far from finished once the drop is over

  • Our top priority is an interactive game where Roos compete against each other, individually and/or as teams/guilds. We have already begun talking to devs about creating a Roo Boxing game on Sandbox and other platforms.
  • Breeding with possible airdrops of older/grown up versions of the joeys the longer they are owned.
  • Personalized Airdrops - more rare ones will be given to long term and/or holders of multiple Roos.
  • Personalized portraits/artwork of community members on the HOF wall in member only areas such as the clubhouse and/or VIP/Owner suites.
  • Personal plots of land owned by Roo Crew in Sandbox, Decentaland, etc (e.g., private lodging in Olympic Village). These will be free and bound to each Roo. We are not yet sure about whether these plots will be transferable. We also are talking about giving larger and/or more luxurious plots to winners of contests, long-term holders, and those who own multiple Roos.
  • Comic books/comic strips with possible cameos from community members (the artist is well versed in graphic design, animation, and many other specialities).
  • Personalized animations such as short films and possible movies with cameos from community members (the artist is well versed in animation).
  • Merchandise - real and digital
  • Grants/Scholarships + support for Roo holders to launch their own project.
  • ETH giveaways for contests
  • After all Roos are adopted, the community wallet will have approximately 24 ETH (based on the current value). All Roo holders will be able to vote on what we do with it.
    • We started the process of setting up the voting rights with snapshot.
    • We registered $ROO with Niftex - Niftex.





Community Manager


Fun Consultant


Tech Wizard